Purchasing at Online Casinos

If you have not heard ecopayz (formally ecocard) no longer allows players from the USA to use the webwallet for making purchases to online casinos. This is due to strict gaming laws in the US where as most online casinos have pulled out of US. This is quite a disappointment as this was a great method for purchasing at online casinos.

For those players whom live outside the US then we highly recommend ecopayz as a viable option for making purchases at online casinos. How it works is ecopayz will debit your bank account for the amount you request, as you are more established those limits do raise giving you the ability to purchase quite a bit. So if you are wanting a good and safe way to fund your casino account, join up with ecopayz. I have to say this is a excellent choice for players around the world, however at the moment you cannot get a atm card unless you are in Europe but you can still use the other functions of the webwallet including funding and direct withdraws to your bank account. Definitely worth checking out.